December’s Newsletter

Hello – and happy December wishes to you!

A major change has taken place … the WebWizard has finally succeeded in convincing me that I needed to learn how to blog. With much guidance, assistance and encouragement from him, I now venture into this new (to me) realm. Please continue sharing your ideas and thoughts with me – about face reading in general as well as what you’d like to see in the website/blog/newsletter.

Apologies to those of you in the UK who tuned into the BBC One Show on 16 November. Our programme on Face Reading was bumped for a very worthwhile Children In Need charity fund raising telecast. I have no idea when it might be on, but will let you know if I hear from the producer.

It is important to me that I once again thank WebWizard Richard as he has been dedicating hours and hours this month to setting up the blog and helping me learn to navigate my way through it all!

I wish you and yours a lovely season …


In this issue

1. Glenna’s reading of the November 2011 Face of the Month

2. FAQ’s

1. Glenna’s reading of November 2011 Face of the Month

More than one of you commented on how severely sculpted this face appears to you, while others noted the recent grief expressed in his eyes (showing more in his ‘private’ face). This face is fairly congruent (similar ‘public’ and ‘private’ sides but there is a quality of intensity in his ‘social mask’ that softens considerably when you look behind his ‘mask’. Looking at characteristics from the combination of personality types listed below, this is a self-assured man who pays optimises his resources, is aware of his reputation and the impact/influence he can have on others. He is driven to succeed, caring, creative and can also display an explosive temper if pushed in a direction he does not want to go. He can be profoundly expressive and likewise, can be withholding and self-protective. I get the sense he would like the ability to have more privacy than his very public life allows.

For those studying personalities – LAM, AYM, Bootstrap, ORD, PANG and a touch of KEG.

2. FAQ’s – “How can it be that each characteristic means the exact same thing for absolutely every person?”

Glenna replies – I’m not sure I completely understand what you are asking, but I will try to explain the process of using the tool of ‘facial features and their associated meaning’. First, though, let me reiterate that face reading is neither an exact formula nor a proven science. However, the art of studying the face for insights into an individual’ state of health, behaviour and personality (sometimes referred to as physiognomy) has been practiced for hundreds of years.

Each feature of the face has general and specific meaning based on cumulative human observations and study. Undertaking this study, one has the opportunity to learn that while a specific feature (i.e. – eye, nose, lips, etc.) have general meaning applicable to everyone, it is the shape, size, relative placement and so forth that can have more specific and individual meaning.

Gaining a basic understanding of each of these encourages us to be more observant of detail, of what is … leading us to ask more questions and therefore, ideally, making fewer assumptions and generalisations. We open ourselves to realising each individual is unique and complex, while also displaying other aspects that are similar to others.