January Newsletter

Wishing each of you happiness in 2012!

Geez, I’m a bit late with this newsletter, aye? I’ll make no excuses, but will share the news that I have had two very successful cataract surgeries in the past few weeks. Perfect eyesight is absolute magic and I thank Dr. Bassett and his team for their knowledge and skill. This will be a short newsletter … but I wanted to thank you for your patience and continuing interest in face reading. Please keep in touch.
All the best, Glenna
In this issue
 1. Glenna’s reading of the December 2011 Face of the Month
The fear and uncertainty in his expression is palpable and understandable given that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi had just been captured after several weeks on the run in Lybia. Saif, the most prominent son of the now deceased Col. Muammar Gaddif, had been accustomed to weilding absolute power and, at the moment this photo was taken, was completely powerless.
This will be an interesting face to watch for changes over the next year if he is put on public trial by the new Lybian government.