March 2012 Newsletter

1 March 2012

Hello to you –

Did having that extra day in February help you get caught up on all the projects you’ve been meaning to get to?

Hope you all had the chance to attend the webinar by Patryk and Kasia Wezowski on the 28th of February and learn more about Micro Expressions from them. If you have viewed their training please do let me know your thoughts and how useful you’ve found the training to be.

I am inviting you to join in another free webinar on 31 March where Patryk, Kasia and I will be joining forces to discuss our different techniques of face reading. Details are:

Title: Webinar about How to read faces – free invitation

You can register for free on:

If you register and are not available on 31 March, you will receive a link to the recording and can review it after the event.


As promised, in this newsletter I continue to review the very basics of face reading. Again, I invite you to share your thoughts, questions, discoveries with me.

Wishing you all the best,


In this issue –

Try your skill at reading the March Face of the Month






1. What is ‘physiognomy’?

2. What is ‘personology’?

3. Glenna’s reading of the February 2012 Face of the Month

4. Frequently Asked Questions


1. “What is physiognomy? – Physiognomy is the practice of estimating a person’s character, health and mental qualities through the study of facial features and qualities.


2. What is ‘personology’? – Personology was a term coined by Edward V. Jones (attorney and US Superior Court Judge) as he undertook close scientific examination of distinct facial characteristics and subsequently developed their relationship to basic personality patterns.


3. Glenna’s reading of the February 2012 Face of the Month – Okay … I missed this one! The February Face of the Month did not actually get posted on the website. My apologies for that oversight! It will now be the March Face of the month instead. Please send me your observations and I’ll give my ‘read’ in next month’s newsletter.


4. FAQ – “I am always won over by a smile and, when I meet a new person, never seem to see qualities that others find uncomfortable or questionable. Is it really possible to see these things in people’s faces?”

Glenna replies – Yes. Because a smile is indicative of such qualities as positive emotions, pleasure, friendliness and so forth, it is an expression that encourages trust and confidence. What is important to pay attention to is how much of the face is actually smiling. If it is only the mouth that is forming a smile, what is happening in the eyes? Do you see anger, sadness, or other emotions there? Also, I invite you to pay attention to the sequence of emotions. What series of emotional expressions do you see following the smile? For example, is the next expression one of contempt followed by an expression of disgust or anger? Learning to consciously observe expressions in various sections of the face and interpret sequence of emotional expressions are some of many valuable face reading tools. Do let me know how using this information assists you in getting a more accurate ‘first impression’ of people.