May 2012 Newsletter

1st May 2012


This is being written and sent from High River, Alberta, Calgary where we are enjoying the week reconnecting with friends through the years and meeting new wonderful people, too.  Perfect combination.

For the intensive 2 ½ day introductory course, thirteen engaging and adventurous individuals have joined in the adventures.

Thank you, Pam, for organising it all and helping make everything flow smoothly!

Please do stay in contact, sharing your questions and new ways of using the face reading tools.

Sending my best wishes to you,


In this issue –

1. Mirror images

2. Personality profiling

3. Glenna’s reading of the April 2012 Face of the Month

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. May Face of the Month

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1. Mirror images –  Observing the differences and similarities between the left and right sides of a person’s face provides another layer of information about that individual.  In this way we can get clues as to how consistent or inconsistent a person is, how they are in private as opposed to a public or social mask they might wear.  See section 4 – FAQ, for additional information.

2. Personality profiling – Each human being is unique and complex.  However, there are also many similarities and generalised behaviour patterns or personality programmes that can be observed and interpreted.   Using the tools to identify the separate and blended personality types, we learn to recognise and assess basic personality types, their associated beliefs, behaviours and attitudes.  We also learn the positive as well as the uncomfortable aspects of each of these ‘personality progammes’ and explore ways to most effectively interact with the various programmes – socially, professionally and personally.

3. Glenna’s reading of the April 2012 Face of the Month – I hope you compared the difference in the ‘public’ and ‘private’ sides of his face.  Look through photos of Robbie through the years and let me know if you think the differences between the right and left sides of his face gets more pronounced as the years go by.  In this specific photograph, he wears a ‘social mask’ in which his eyes appear friendly and approachable.  A mirror image of his left eye projects a surprising level of hostility, grief and exhaustion.    (Robbie Williams, singer.)

4. FAQ“When comparing the right and left sides of a person’s face, what does it mean when it looks like two completely different people?”

Glenna replies – When observing such noticeable differences between both vertical halves of the face, we reach an entirely new insight into the meaning of the phrase ‘being two-faced’.  Where there is a marked difference between the private (their left) and the public (their right) sides of an individual’s face, we must first explore the possibility of this being a result of an illness, injury or surgery.  Once that has been addressed, the next level of explanation is that the greater the difference, the more complex the person is and the more complicated their life experience.  An example is that some people compartmentalise their life, having completely different expectations of themselves in their professional role as compared to their private life (i.e. remaining incredibly serious in their work setting while being a complete joker in social settings).  A different example is that of the con artist where the ‘social mask’ projects someone who is down on their luck and in need of your generous assistance whereas the private side of their face may well display overt cunning or other self-serving intentions.  On the other hand, when the right and left sides of the face are more similar, ‘what you see is what you get’ … that individual’s personality is more consistent regardless of the situation they are in.

5. May Face of the Month.

There’s something for everyone with this months featured photograph. I am confident that new students and advanced ‘Face Readers’ have plenty of information to explore in my selected ‘Face of the Month’.

As usual, I welcome YOUR thoughts and readings and will share mine in the June newsletter.

Good luck .

Best wishes,