July 2012 Newsletter

1 July 2012

Warm greetings to you!

This is the month of the London Olympics (27 July – 12 August)!

Hopefully there will be an equal amount of enthusiasm and support for the Paralympic Games 29 August – 9 September 2012.

I was recently made aware of www.Buildchatter.com and particularly appreciate the following re: Change Your Perspective accompanied by the following image:

It is a powerful reminder that each of us can choose to understand different perspectives and points of view and see them as an invitation to learn and grow (hopefully with dignity and respect for self and others).

I appreciate hearing from you. Please do keep in touch.



In this issue –

1. Overview of the lower right quadrant of the face map.

2. What are we looking for in this section?

3. Glenna’s reading of the June 2012 Face of the Month

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Face of the month – July 2012

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1. Overview of the lower right quadrant of the face map –  By dividing the face into nine sections, we begin to gain clues into many layers of an individual’s life experiences, attitudes and emotions.  This section, the area of a person’s right mouth, displays the nature of the person’s family, how the person was treated by the family and what effects that has had on the individual ever since. 

 2. What are we looking for in this section? – Normally, I am looking for six keys of information in each section of the face map.  In this section, we look at two important aspects of the person:

1)    how that individual goes about getting what they need from others or how they cope with other people (i.e. in an open, intimidating or withholding manner, etc.) and

2)    the impact their family of origin had on the person during the early developmental years (strategies imprinted on the child or learned by the child, which were needed to fit into the already existing family dynamics).

For the purpose of this newsletter, I will simplify the process to the two most obvious observations for this section.  First are the predominant physical cues that are present (i.e. the size of the mouth in relation to the rest of that section of the face; are the upper and lower lips of equal proportions; is there a ‘permanent smile or frown; is the cheek area sunken; what is the shape and structure of the chin and the jawline; are there dimples present … and so forth.  More detailed observations in this section will encourage you to ponder the emotional meanings behind what you are seeing and ask yourself how would it feel to be that person and interacting in the way s/he does (i.e. – open and positive; fearful; angry; trusting; suspicious; manipulative; withholding; generous; etc.)

Once we’ve completed this process with each section of the face map (which I will briefly describe in future newsletters), we begin to put the jigsaw pieces together of various layers of emotions, beliefs and experiences that influence how the person reacts in various circumstance.

3. Glenna’s reading of the June 2012 Face of the Month

Seems like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations were a long time ago, so much has happened in the past month.  This photo, taken by David Thompson/PA Wire, shows the Queen meeting the concert performers backstage.  In addition to her genuine smile, her eyes say so much.  Her laugh lines, rhetoric lines and the ‘I laugh so you don’t see my sadness’ lines are all so evident.

For those studying personality types … ORD is the predominant, mixed with some Bootstrap as well as a bit of SLIM and KEG (more perhaps as a result of being a high-profile and totally committed public servant than by her inherent nature).

4. FAQIf someone is wearing facial hair or glasses, does that make it more difficult to read their face?

 Glenna replies – Obviously, if the glasses are so dark that they obscure or hide the person’s eyes, this would limit the amount of information one could ‘read’ (the eyes are the ‘windows to the soul’ and reveal much about a person).  Otherwise, the type and style of eyewear provide more clues to one’s personality.  This is also true for the type, style, quality, quantity and colour of hair (facial or otherwise).  More details of the meaning of hair is available in Michael J. Lincoln’s (fka Narayan Singh) What’s In A Face? – A Dictionary for Heart-Centered Face Reading.  To order a copy visit the following website:  http://www.talkinghearts.net/sunshop/

5. Face of the Month – July 2012

Try your skills with Justin Hackworths photo of a child.   As always I welcome your comments and will provide my thoughts in the August newsletter.