September 2012 Newsletter

September 2012

Warm greetings to you,

If you enjoyed the London Olympics last month, one cannot fail to be incredibly impressed by the strength and heart demonstrated by each of the Paralympians currently competing in London.  I am one of the lucky ones and witnessed the action inside the Olympic Stadium.  The whole event was a paradise for this sports fan and face reader!

I love hearing from you, so please continue to send your emails, questions, comments and suggestions.



In this issue –

1. Overview of the lower half section of the face map.

2. What are we the most obvious things to look for in this section?

3. Glenna’s reading of the August 2012 Face of the Month

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Face of the month – September 2012

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1. Overview of the lower half of the face map –  We continue our journey of dividing the face into nine sections, a process by which we begin to gain clues into many layers of an individual’s life experiences, attitudes and emotions.  This section, the full mouth area, displays the persona or projected personality.  The lower half of the face provides information regarding the strategies the individual uses to ‘fit in’ as well as how s/he gives and receives information.

2. What are the most obvious things to look for in this section? –  Are both sides of the mouth symmetrical?  Are the upper and lower lips of equal thickness or shape?  Are there differences between the right and left jaw, cheeks, nostrils, shape of the chin on either side, etc.  What is happening in each area (i.e. the left or ‘private side’ versus the right or ‘public’ side)?  More details of the meaning of hair is available in Michael J. Lincoln’s (fka Narayan Singh) What’s In A Face? – A Dictionary for Heart-Centered Face Reading.  To order a copy visit the following website

3. Glenna’s reading of the August 2012 Face of the Month

Many of your messages to me mentioned that you were captured by the immensity of emotion Sean Henry sculpted into this face and I entirely agree.

I see the sadness, worry and grief tinged with the slightest bit of hope in the ‘social mask’ and the sense of disbelief and confusion that dominates the ‘private self’.  As a whole, I see in the emotions of this face the results of a deep sense of responsibility colliding with stoic determination, overwhelm and ‘running on empty’.  It takes an immensely gifted artist to capture and deliver such complex emotions.

For those studying personality types … Bootstrap and ORD in equal measure with the slightest bit of KEG.  Please let me know how you think each of these personality types would play out in the personality of this individual.

4. FAQ – What is the scientific base for the face reading tools you teach?

Glenna replies –In each of my workshops, I specifically ask those present not to believe anything I am saying about face reading.  I do this precisely because I know of no scientific testing of most of the face reading tools I use.  The one exception is the excellent work by Paul Ekman on facial emotions and expressions.  I encourage you to read his books and visit his website (

With every individual face reading I do, I preface the information with a statement that what I am about to say is simply my opinion and observations.  Having said that, individuals consistently report that there is a high degree of accuracy, insight and depth to the ‘readings’, which reinforces for me the immense potential and impact of these face reading tools.

Remember, though, that no matter how much effort we put into trying to be objective when applying the tools in ‘reading’ another person’s face, we will always be interpreting what we see and observe through our own experiences, thoughts and emotions … therefore making it a subjective process at all times.

5. Face of the Month – September 2012

This month I invite you to test your face reading skills on a Paralympian.

Good luck. I always welcome your comments thoughts and interpretations of my Face of the Month.

All the best,