October 2012 Newsletter

October 2012

Warm greetings to you once again, and welcome to my autumn newsletter as the Fall colours provide breathtaking views across the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

My apologies in the delay in getting this newsletter posted.  For the past couple of weeks I have been without internet service.  How interesting it is to be reminded of the not too distant past when technology was not so easily accessible.  It is lovely to be connected once again!

I enjoy people and the study of human beings and human doings. Obviously, from my former police career, I also wanted a greater understanding of deviant behaviour and attitudes. Face reading is a powerful tool and one of many that provide insight into understanding people.

As with all observations, though, it is important to remember that we are putting our own interpretation on things, based on our own experience and understandings. For this reason, it is my view that while we may gain a broader insight into what makes people tick, in the end it is still only an informed opinion and not an absolute certainty. Hence, making the compassionate portion of understanding others even more important.

Please do stay in contact, sharing your questions and new ways of using the face reading tools.

Best wishes always,


In this issue –

1. Overview of upper right quadrant of the face map

2. What to look for in this section of the face

3. Glenna’s reading of the September 2012 Face of the Month

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Face of the Month – October 2012    ‘A 007 special’

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1. Overview of upper right quadrant of the face map –  Working our way through the face map, the next section we look at displays information regarding how the individual feels about what they see in the world around them.  This area of the face also provides insight  into the person’s expectations.  

2. What to look for in this section of the face – Pay attention to predominant  features such as the slant of the eyebrow, if there is puffiness or darkness around the eyes, are the eyes wide open or squinted closed, what kind of energy is coming through the eyes, are there wrinkles in the forehead area and if so, are they horizontal, vertical or an altogether different arrangement, and so forth.  Even if you do not yet know what each characteristic means, closer observation leads you to ask more questions … an important step toward being more objective.

3. Glenna’s reading of the September 2012 Face of the Month –                 Sophia Warner is such a positive inspiration!  She is open, determined, optimistic, intelligent and observant.  With the ‘Bootstrap’ personality type, she doesn’t trust easily, but is loyal once trust is established.

Sophia, who has cerebral palsy,  has won silver and bronze world championship medals in 100m and 200m sprints. Her preparation to compete in the London 2012 Paralympics involved training for six hours a day, six days a week.

You may wish to read the ‘Express Yourself’ interview Sophia had with Debbie Marco – http://www.express.co.uk/posts/views/342824

4. FAQ“Do you always know what I’m thinking just by looking at my face?”    

Glenna replies – I wish!

 As we become more practiced at paying attention to the emotions (both immediate and long-term emotions) in the face, we begin to “decode” the expressions and the sequence of expressions.  Adding this to the other face reading tools provides deeper insight.  However, the human mind, the human being and the human doing can still shock and surprise.  Sometimes this is a good thing!

5.  Face of the Month – October 2012                 ‘A 007 Special’ 

This month is the 50th anniversary of the release of the first James Bond film.     To mark this milestone and to test your ‘Face Reading’ skills I invite you to look at these pictures of the original ‘007’ – Sean Connery.

I look forward to your comments and interpretations.