January 2013 Newsletter

t300-Rehoboth Beach New YearWelcome to my first Newsletter of 2013.

Beginning another new year brings exciting challenges.  Those of you following my blog represent 62 different countries.  To me, this represents another common interest we all share, increasing our understanding of self and others through improving our face reading skills.

Aslan (from Brisbane, Australia) brought a great website to my attention and I want to share the fun.  In the May 2012 issue I described mirror images.  You may wish to take another look at that information, then look at the mirror images of several celebrities by visiting:


They even provide a ‘faceflip’ tool to try out yourself!  Have fun … and let me know how it works for you.   http://www.youbeauty.com/quizzes/face-flip

(Aslan can be contacted through his website: http://australiahouses.com.au/ )

This year I hope to expand the number of classes I offer in various areas, especially North America, Europe and Australia.  If you are interested in working with me to organize face reading courses in your area, please let me know.  Email me with your ideas or specific requests at facingfacts@aol.com.

Wishing you all the best in each and every day,


In this issue –

1. Overview of right half of the face map

2. What to look for in this section of the face

3. Glenna’s reading of the December 2012 Face of the Month

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. Face of the month – January 2013

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1. Overview of right half of the face map – This section, the person’s actual right half of their face, provides information on the individual’s survival and success strategies, how they impact the world around them.  I also refer to this as their ‘social mask’.

2. What to look for in this section of the face – Most obvious to note here is what is the overall congruence or non-congruence  between the nature of the eye and the nature of the mouth?  What emotional interpretations do you make of what you observe?

3. Glenna’s reading of the December 2012 Face of the Month

Jimmy SavilleFantastic that several of you commented on the fact that – in this photo – his right eye (social mask) seems to be looking away from you (the camera) in one direction while his left eye  (real self) seems to be either looking right at you (half mentioned that) or looking past the camera and beyond.  Most of you felt he had a smug expression on the private side of his face (his left side).  To quote one of you, “he has the expression of the cat who just ate the canary … and got away with it.”  While some of you saw grief in his eyes, others saw anger and arrogance (especially in his left / private eye).

To read an overview of Jimmy Savile’s life, I recommend the Wikipedia website:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Savile

For those studying personalities  KEG, PANG, BOOTSTRAP, AYM and a touch of ORD.

4. FAQ“Is face reading another form of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)?

Glenna replies – Actually, these are two very different types of tools, but each can be incredibly useful in better understanding and communication with others.  NLP is a set of tools designed to explore mind and language patters as well as the way a specific individual perceives and understands.  This assists the NLP practitioner in gaining insight into that individual’s experience of ‘reality’ and therefore her/his behaviour.

Face reading tools increase observation skills and provide insight into an individual’s early life experiences, beliefs, personalities, health and behaviours.

For those who study both face reading and NLP, the combination of knowledge and application can produce astonishing results.

5.  Face of the Month – January 2013


If this is your first visit to my ‘Blog’ – welcome.

This is the section where I invite everyone to ‘read’ the featured face and either e-mail me your thoughts and observations, or read my interpretation in next month’s Newsletter.

Thanks for visiting and best wishes.

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