February 2013

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February 2013

Greetings from the beauty of the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

So many faces in the news – those we are familiar with as well as many we’ve not seen before.  I find each one an opportunity to explore and learn.  Many of you did not recognise last month’s face, but I am guessing most of you immediately know who features this month. I do try to post those you request, so please keep sharing your ideas with me.



In this issue –

1. Overview of entire left side of person’s face

2. What to look for in this section of the face

3. Glenna’s reading of the January 2013 Face of the Month

4. Frequently Asked Questions

5. February 2013 Face of the Month

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1. Overview of left half of person’s face –   This section provides insight into the individual’s ‘core personality’ and basic beliefs.  This is the ‘real’ person and if we get our first impressions from this side of the face, there will be fewer surprises as we get to know the person better.

2013 half face

2. What to look for in this section of the face – This is the same as mentioned last month for the right (public) side of the face.  Observe and note the overall congruence or incongruence of the nature of the eye and the nature of the mouth.  What emotional interpretations do you make of what you observe?

3. Glenna’s reading of the January 2013 Face of the Month – None of you who emailed me your ‘read’ of the January Face of the Month recognised Jodi Arias.

Jan_2013_Face_of_monthAs you described, this photo shows an attractive, intelligent woman who appears to be happy, open, generous, determined and engaging.  Congratulations to those of you who looked at each individual section of the face and did a feature by feature analysis using the What’s In A Face? A Dictionary for Heart-Centered Face Reading by Michael J. Lincoln (f.k.a.Narayan Singh).*  You discovered so many personality traits that are missed in the first impression.

Jodi Arias is currently on trial for first degree murder.  I invite you to explore current news coverage of the case and let me know how your thoughts have changed when you look at the photo knowing more about her.  Perspective (and attention to detail) is very important.  More about that next month.

* This reference dictionary of facial features and their associated meaning has been recently revised and you (*) can now order it online from the website www.talkinghearts.net.

For those studying personalities  ORD, SLIM, LAM, AYM, Bootstrap, Ice Cube and a bit of PANG.

4. FAQOnce someone knows about face reading, can s/he change their face so it shows only what they want others to see?”

Glenna replies – Not if we are applying more than one of the face reading tools when doing the reading.

During our early formative and developmental years, our body and mind act as one to respond to powerful influences in our life.  We each form specific thought patterns and make essential decisions of ‘self’ based on our earliest experiences.  This information becomes ‘imprinted’ on our face through the ‘body building’ process of facial muscles, which pull or push our features into recognisable alignments or characteristics. There are many layers of information visible in the face, deeply etched emotions as well as transitory emotions and visible indicators to understanding the complex and underlying personality and behaviours.

Experiences from this early time in our life are usually forgotten at the conscious level, but remembered in the subconscious.  Most of us spend the rest of our life acting on these decisions without ever evaluating them.  This results in our attitudes becoming even more pronounced and visible as we age.

Because the face (and every part of the body) is living tissue, it responds to changes we make in our life.  Hence, the face is like a road map that indicates where we have come from, where we are at the moment, and where we are heading.

5. February 2013 – Face of the Month

My initial comment on this month’s Newsletter,  ‘So many faces in the news – those we are familiar with as well as many we’ve not seen before’  provides fertile ground for newcomers and experienced ‘Face Readers’ alike.  This month I have chosen a complex character for you to test your skills.

Armstrong 4-001

Good luck.

I look forward to receiving your observations and interpretations,

Until next time, best wishes,