Newsletter – May 2013


This month started with the opportunity to participate in training for members of the Pacific Northwest License Tax and Fraud Investigators conference (  The first day of training provided a unique, powerful and empowering opportunity to learn valuable skills from Val Van Brocklin on ‘Winning Courtroom Confrontations’.  For those of you who have not yet had that complete on-the-edge-of-your-seat experience of learning with Val, I encourage you to do so at your earliest opportunity.  Visit her website at  

On the second day, I had the privilege and pleasure of introducing basic face reading tools, ‘Seeking Clues Beyond the Mask’, in the morning session while Terry Vaughan covered Body Language and Interview Techniques throughout the afternoon.  Using humour and life experiences to explain the importance of non-verbal communication, Terry is an absolute inspiration. When you visit his website at, you will also get to watch his ‘vlogs’ describing his experience with Top Shot (season 4).

I encourage you to keep in touch with any questions or comments and let me know how you are using the face reading tools.



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In this issue –

1.   Overview of features and their associated meanings – the size & shape of the head.

2.   Let’s take a brief look at the three horizontal sections of the face.

3.   Glenna’s reading of the April 2013 Face of the Month (

4.   FAQ’s

5.   Face of the Month – May 2013

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1.   Facial features and their associated meaning – size and shape of the head:

Looking at the form created by the outline of the face and head, the overall shape of the face reflects the general temperament and lifestyle of the individual.  This is a manifestation of their broader emotional makeup and values.  To simplify this process, we would be observing and interpreting such characteristics described as ‘tall face’, short face’, ‘wide face’, ‘narrow face’, ‘oval face’, ‘square face’, ‘diamond shaped face’, ‘triangular face’, ‘rounded square face’ . . . and so forth.

There is a rich description of each of these (and much, much more!) in the What’s In A Face? A Dictionary for Heart-Centered Face Reading by Michael Lincoln (f.k.a.Narayan Singh).  This reference dictionary of facial features and their associated meaning has been revised and you can order it online from the website

2.   Three horizontal sections of the face:

By sectioning the face horizontally into thirds we gain further insight into several areas, including the importance of the thinking function (ideas and imagination); the heart, feeling and action function (how they deal with emotional expression and direct intervention); and the individual’s function of will (determination, social manifestation and stamina).

Also, some face readers use these sections to glean information on different times in a person’s life (youth, middle years and later years – after the age of 40).  Once again, further details are in the face dictionary previously mentioned.

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3. Glenna’s reading of the April 2013 Face of the Month (

April 2013When I first saw this photo, I was deeply impacted by the immense pain I saw in his face while he was trying so desperately hard to look (and be) happy.  Immediately, I wanted to know his story and I encourage you to read it, too.  Such a high price is paid by our military personnel and no decision to enter conflict should be made without consideration of the human costs in every arena.  The strength, courage and loss being experienced by Tomas Young and his wife Claudia Cuellar is also the situation for so many others who do not speak out publicly.

For this couple, for Michael (a young veteran I met at SeaTac Airport who had been injured in Iraq) and because it is important for us to be aware of these lives, I invite you to read about Tomas Young.

For those studying personality programmes:   Bootstrap, ORD, PANG

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4.   FAQ’s – “Can you look at my face and tell me why I was born to the parents I had?  We just did not fit together at all – and even as an adult, I still cannot figure out how I ended up with them – nor can they understand why I turned out to be so different from them in spite of all their best efforts to make me a clone of themselves!”

Glenna repliesWow, how many of us have felt like the nurses must have switched babies by accident before releasing us from the hospital to go home with our parents?!  Having said that, this is still a most difficult question to answer.  There is no question that the family that we grow up with has a huge influence in our lives, yet many grow up to have completely different values and points of view from their parents.  It is possible to use face reading tools to look at family photographs, especially a series of photos taken at various times during your growing up years, and observe/describe emotional events and personality characteristics that influences your individual beliefs and the way you view the world, yourself and those around you.

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5.  Face of the Month – April 2013

Every day I scan newspapers, internet pictures, magazines and books looking for faces that will test my – and your – ability to interpret emotions. This month I invite you to consider the face which is featured below –

Stuart Hall court case

I welcome your thoughts, observations and interpretation. Don’t be shy – give it a try !

Until next month,

All the best,