It has been a privilege to deliver Face Reading courses for individuals, professionals, statutory and voluntary organisations and Government departments in England, Belgium, Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

From Cops to Counsellors, Domestic Violence Advocates to Bank Executives, senior citizens to senior Intelligence officials, Facial Communications captures attention and provides a unique opportunity to see ‘Behind the Mask’.

My main courses feature:

                 ‘An overview of Face Reading’ (one day),

                 ‘Introduction to Face Reading’ (three days),

                 ‘Beyond the Mask’ – Advanced Face Reading, Personality Profiling, and a

                 ‘Distance learning course’

Courses and presentations are tailored to the individual audience, which may vary from less than a dozen to over three hundred people at a time. For more details of Workshops please click on the ‘Workshops‘ link under the ‘Courses‘ heading.

An example of the information covered in my introductory classes can be viewed by visiting my Publicity page and clicking on the Television link. The eight minute BBC television video features background information as they independently tested the accuracy of my facial interpretation of presenter Colleen Harris.

For details of any future training please contact me or watch for training and presentation updates on my monthly Newsletter.



It’s All About Face – improve your understanding of the people you meet, work with & live with (including your self)

There are many layers of information on our face. 

Many of us have learned to be considered about what we say, how we answer questions and to conduct conversations and interviews based on what we expect rather than on what we can actually observe.  For example, we sometimes put a ‘brave face’ on things to hide our uncertainties, cover feelings of fear and insecurity with aggression, hide our anger behind a smile or otherwise control our facial expression to help get the result we’re looking for. However, we cannot completely hide what motivates us or what we are really thinking and feeling.

Our body and mind act as one to respond to powerful influences in our life and during our early developmental stages, we formed specific thought patterns and made essential decisions of “self” based on our earliest experiences.  Over time, our thought patterns and emotions become etched into our faces.  Experiences from this early part of life are usually forgotten at the conscious level, but are remembered in our subconscious. Most of us spend the rest of our life acting on these decisions without ever evaluating them.

Developing and using face-reading tools allows us to gain deep insights and more compassionate understanding of self and others.  We have access to a person’s strengths and vulnerabilities and often gain information about individuals that they may not normally be willing to share with others.  Using this information with sensitivity, compassion and great restraint, it becomes possible to encourage positive growth and to improve commutation and investigation skills.  If we choose, each of us can become empowered to make conscious decisions to become the person we want to be.

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