Distance Learning

Distance Learning has been designed for those who have already taken my first level introductory course and wish to continue study but either distance or time commitments make it inconvenient to attend Glenna’s classes.  This is a one-on-one course where I design exercises and methods of study specifically to meet your learning goals and needs. 

First Level – Basic Tools of Face Reading

Section One – Review

Exercise in determining degree of understanding gained in introductory course, FACING FACTS – A Face Can Tell A Life Story

Section Two – Facial Emotions

Recognising the seven basic facial emotions; distinguishing between transitory emotions and deeply etched emotions arising from belief systems; exploring combinations and sequential patterns of facial emotional expressions.

Section Three – Facial Features and Their Associated Meaning

Based on information gathered in various cultures over the centuries as well as on more recent research, this material provides another layer of insight into an individual’s personality.

Section Four – Basic Face Mapping

Focus on comparing the left and right sides of the face, as well as the upper and lower sections to ascertain basic understanding of an individual’s personal and public demeanour.

Second Level – Advanced Tools of Face Reading

Section Five – Advanced Face Mapping

Examining nine sections of the face, applying six keys of information in each section.

Section Six – Personality Programmes

Explore foundational personality patterns and the early childhood emotional developmental processes that create them and how to recognise them when “reading” faces.

Third Level – Life Scripts

The following section provides additional tools for increasing comprehension of human behaviour and of family patterns that shape personal belief systems. This information profoundly enriches and deepens the understanding of material presented in FACING FACTS – A Face Can Tell a Life Story © & in ABOUT FACE ©.

Section Seven – Foundational Formation of Our Personalities

An in-depth review of three fundamental family system pathologies.

Section Eight – Life Scripts

Resulting “life scripts” of children growing up in the families described above.

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