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group_read_10_18_15 (1) (3)indexIt was a wonderful learning opportunity for personal growth. Glenna, your knowledge, skill, wisdom & graciousness with how  you use all of those is tremendous.  Your energy and capacity to invest so much of yourself into all of us, without stopping or showing the slightest sign of fatigue is remarkable!  Truly selfless.” 

Pam Hurst, Registered Nurse, Alberta, Canada

UK“This course more than met my expectations. Glenna’s fantastic presentation skills, her skillful use of stories and anecdotes, obvious love for the subject and, above all, her deep integrity and congruence as an individual all combined to make this not only a great learning experience, but a deeply moving personal experience as well.”

Simon Arthur, Director, Callander Associates, UK

Belgian best“Face Reading is an excellent tool for investigative policing. Glenna Trout has worked for the Antwerp Police Department and the Belgian Federal Police Detective School on several occasions, teaching over 50 students. Face Reading is an excellent tool for investigative policing in addition to a psychological approach of research and investigation. Mrs. Trout has a tremendous knowledge and experience in the field and succeeds in teaching – both new and experienced detectives – a wide range of tools on face reading. Her classes are very well received and get top evaluations, one of the best teachers in her field. Police officers attending a 2-hour workshop responded on their evaluations: · 100% felt they learned a new skill from this workshop, 100% would recommend the workshop to a friend, 100% reported the information presented was useful, 99% reported the presenter was knowledgeable.”

Ann Massei, Policy Director, Belgian Federal Police, Brussels

Oz flagGlenna Trout is a world leader in the field of Face Reading. By combining this expertise with her background in policing, justice and education, and her art in making-learning-fun; Glenna has produced information and understanding for the layperson and professional alike, that offers a fascinating and compassionate insight into the area of human nature”

Suzanne Daley, SDVMA, Brisbane, Australia. 

USA“The most valuable thing I learned about the Workshop was to trust my intuition, not doubt myself, have confidence in my initial thoughts and feelings. That makes me a powerful woman”.

Kat Kim, Seattle, USA

USAI am not easily convinced, much less amazed; but the fact is, Glenna’s ability to read faces was quite shocking. Her analyses of inconsistencies between my “public” and “private” faces were right on-target, and sometimes, embarrassingly so. I found no discrepancies between her findings and fact. I believe that these face reading skills will prove to be very useful criminal investigative analysis tools for law enforcement agencies to solve crimes; although its applications are well-suited for crime prevention. I now face the fact that my emotions, not intellect, made me skeptical of face reading.”                  

Ross D. Bulla, CPP, PSP, USA

index“This class more than met my expectations! It was wonderful and informative. This information will most definitely help me when assessing how to approach clients – and friends and family as well. I think my communication skills will benefit from this day.”   

Lynn Lawrence, British Columbia, Canada

uk-flag-official-colours“Dear Glenna Trout. Thank you so much for a really brilliant presentation of the basics of Face Reading. I was expecting 60 minutes of something fairly light-hearted. You far exceeded such naive thoughts. You gave a 3 hour serious learning experience, in an extremely interesting and enjoyable format. The subject was fascinating; and the afternoon was one of the most valuable 3 hours I have experienced. This knowledge will certainly be useful in my professional and personal life, also in my own development as an individual. I would like to learn more. Thank you.” 

JK, England

USA“Hey Glenna! OK, I do need a lot more time to give you proper feedback, but first impression….VERY IMPRESSIVE!! HOW FUN! It’s really interesting to learn things about myself that I kinda knew were already there, but to have someone point them out only solidifies what I already thought, good and bad. I am big on self improvement, its been quite a journey. You did pick up on so many of my childhood issues. I agree! Thanks for the e-mail! You are so insightful! It’s such a wonderful and gifted talent you have. Talk soon”                                                                                                                                                  

Tanya Memme, television presenter, USA

uk-flag-official-colours“This course was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. It gave me the opportunity to be stimulated, challenged, encouraged and prodded into thinking about professional and personal issues; to learn about the topic at the next level; to see how Glenna does and approaches things; and to develop and sharpen skills of observation and intuition.”

Mary Mustoe, Director, Callander Associates, UK

uk-flag-official-colours“Listening to you, scales fell from my eyes. We expend so much time and energy trying to truly understand the people we relate to, and a lot of the time we run into trouble because we’re not equipped to see what lies behind the social mask. Too often we operate out of blind faith, and blind optimism. Face Reading provides vital pieces of the puzzle; it can teach us greater understanding of ourselves and others. In just a few hours I learned more about how to read a person’s face than I had previously learned in my whole life. Thank you, Glenna.” 

Annie Kaszina, Relationship specialist, London, UK

USA“After taking the first face reading class Glenna presented at Fraud Investigators Training, I purchased all branches of our bank a small square mirror to “look” at drivers license photos. It was a great help to all our employees”. 

Jean Collins, Fraud Analyst, Washington State, USA


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