BBC Television interview with Presenter Colleen Harris

colleen harrisAward winning presenter Colleen Harris meets a woman in Ipswich who claims to be able to accurately predict a person’s character and personality by looking at his or her face. Glenna Trout is convinced face reading has a role to play in the workplace. She believes companies can benefit by reading faces to make sure they employ the best staff.

It’s not just in the office where face reading has been used; Glenna Trout used to work as a police officer in the United Sates. She found that reading faces helped when interrogating criminals. ‘Inside Out’ puts Glenna to the test and gets her to do a blind reading of our presenter Colleen Harris.

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 King 5 TV – based in Seattle – interviewed Glenna on ‘New Day Northwest’ hosted by Margaret Lawson.

King 5 Glenna and Margaret (2)Margaret was intrigued by Glennas face reading accuracy, and invited her to ‘read’ the faces of a number of personality’s, including David Carradine, Tom Hanks, the Dali Lama, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The discussion is featured via the following link

The interview is also featured in the November 2013 Newsletter

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