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At this point, I’ve written and published one book and that is an activity book (described below) that helps you learn and practice some of the basic tools of face reading that I use and teach.  Keep watching this space, though, as the Belgian team is working with me on the next book and we’ll be featuring photographs by Mike Lawn

IT’S ALL ABOUT FACE – Your Activity Book of Face Adventures

Leiston Press,UK; 2007; ISBN 978-0-9557209-0-1

Glenna has developed this activity book as a simple and fun guide to learning and practicing the very basics of the face reading tools she uses and teaches. This 32-page document offers insights and activities, which will make your first impressions of people more accurate and meaningful, increase your understanding of people, and encourage you to begin a journey of discovery in a fun way.

Order your copy now for the price of £12 (UK sterling) plus postage and handling. 

What others say about the book: 
Glenna Trout is a world leader in the field of Face Reading. By combining this expertise with her background in policing, justice and education, and her art in making-learning-fun; Glenna has produced a book for the layperson and professional alike, that offers a fascinating and compassionate insight into the area of human nature.’

Suzanne Daley, SDVMA, Australia

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