For those of you who are interested in face reading and other aspects of learning, growing and encouragement to make positive life choices, I invite you to visit the following websites.  I hold immense respect for the individuals you’ll read about in each site.

Face Reading related websites: 

  • This website sells books written by Dr. Michael J. Lincoln (f.k.a. Narayan Singh Khalsa).  As a clinical psychologist he pioneered the successful healing of deep emotional wounds in children and their families through the integration of behavioural and psychoanalytic approaches.  He studied and developed face-reading tools and I have been incredibly lucky to have been his student for many years.

  • Paul Ekman began his research into facial expression and body movements in 1954.  He is world renown for his work and has published many books on facial expressions and detection of deception.  Currently he is initiating new research relevant to national security and law enforcement.

  • Mike Lawn is a gifted professional photographer based in London,England.  Visit his website and enjoy his unique photographs of a variety of people and topics.  I have his permission to use his photographs in my next book.

The following websites are for truly outstanding individuals whose teaching and role modelling is refreshing, inspirational, thought provoking, enjoyable and healing.

  • SDVMA, has studied and trained in health, fitness, nutrition, martial arts, combat philosophy and practice, peaceful and positive conflict resolution, and stress management, for the past thirty years.  Suzanne Daley, founder of SDVMA, teaches, trains, and consults to clients all over the world on wholistic wellness and violence prevention. She is also engaged globally as a keynote speaker and lecturer who inspires individuals and corporations to make positive changes and choices.
  •  What is different about Suzanne and her presentations is that she has lived in, around, and through, all that she teaches. Suzanne can perceive the reality of the issue at hand not only with insight and compassion, but also with humour. She does not focus on the problem, but rather the solution. And, she does not deliver to an ‘audience’, but instead to every individual within that audience.

  • Morgan is a former CEO of an international design corporation; business owner, consultant, trainer and keynote speaker specialising in respectful, effective communication and human resource development.  Currently she is a writer, artist, creativity consultant and teacher.  With insight, gentle humour, generosity and compassion Morgan enriches the lives she touches through her SACRED ARTS FOR HEALING AND CREATIVE LIVING.

  • It is difficult for me to begin to describe the immense and positive influence the writings of Michio Kushi have had on me through the years.  He has committed his life, learning and teaching to encouraging world peace and raising awareness around the world on diet, health consciousness and the peaceful meeting of East and West.  In 1978, he and his wife, Aveline, founded the Kushi Institute.  He has also established Macrobiotic Congresses as a further forum for addressing problems of world health and world peace.  His seminars and lectures on the relation of diet and degenerative disease and the reconstruction of modern humanity continue to receive wide international recognition.  He is a true inspiration.

Get involved! 

Most of us know the healing value of volunteering.  It helps us gain and retain perspective and gratitude while positively contributing to worthwhile causes.  One of the voluntary groups I admire, enjoy, and am proud to be a part of is described in the following website.

  • Muscles for Charity originated in Suffolk,UK, during 1998 when a small group of volunteers decided to use their life skills and time to assist other people, provided a donation was made directly to a registered charity.  (Muscles for Charity never handle any money.)  There are currently teams in the UK, Belgium, Canada and the USA doing much appreciated jobs for very special people and charities.

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